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Prayer Hands on Prayer Bible and Products
At, we offer an array of tools and materials to enrich your prayer life, from specialized products to engaging content designed to inspire and uplift your spiritual practice.

Founded with a passion for enhancing prayer experiences, started as a vision to create a space where individuals could find resources to strengthen their relationship with God through prayer and communicating consistently with their creator directly with the Words in the scripture.

Throughout this journey, we have the privilege to serve a diverse range of people, from individuals seeking solace in their personal practice of prayer to groups uniting in prayer for common causes.

Our Core Values

Empowering your Spiritual life Through Prayer Connection, Inspiration, and Growth in The Word.


Fostering meaningful connections with Jesus, yourself as a prayer warrior in progress and others, who want to go deeper in prayer and community engagement.


Encouraging moments of encounter with God that ignite the soul and deepen the spiritual journey of individuals seeking solace and guidance.


Nurturing personal and spiritual growth by providing resources and support that empower individuals to evolve in their prayer practices and quality of life.

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